The terms and conditions stated below are exclusively taken into consideration while the goods are sold are from our company. Please read along:

Price and Orders:

You will be assisted with the exact amount of the goods while placing an order with us. If you have received the confirmation of the order, it means that the company has confirmed your order. But, it does not mean that there is any sort of contract between the company and the customer. After acceptance of the respective order when the company shares an invoice with the customer, then there is a contract between the respective customer and the company. If there is any sort of changes in the price of the goods, it is our duty to inform you first and then proceed ahead. If the product is not available with the company we will discuss with you for a suitable alternative. WeCustomBoxes only accept payment via banking or a PayPal application. We only accept payment during the time of order.

Delivery Services:

When WeCustomBoxes are stating the working day, it is exclusively defined to be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. We are not including any sort of public holidays. If the stock is available near to your area then, the order will be delivered to your address as per the given schedule. Our carrier will try to deliver the order in the first attempt and it is customers responsibility that it gets the order collected right away because after that the company will not take any responsibility for it. We will surely help you with a delivery date estimate but if there is any sort of delay while being in delivery, the company will not take any responsibility for it. If due to any reason the customer fails to accept the products on the delivery date then the company has all the right to keep the products and tell the customer pays all the charges expenses related to the storage of the respective products. The company has all the right to repossess the products if the payment has not been done completely.

Back Order:

If the products you have considered to order or not present in the stock then we will back order the respective products for the customers and then help you with a clear estimate of the products and the respective delivery date. WeCustomBoxes will also help you with a suitable alternative product if the required product is no longer available with us. You will always have the chance to get the order canceled if you are not satisfied with the delivery date or new estimate of the respective product.


All the orders will have the charger is included with the taxes. So, we will help you with the estimate accordingly.


WeCustomBoxes will make sure that you avail complete satisfaction while purchasing your customized packaging services. We make sure that you get quality approved boxes as per the given delivery date as per your required attributes. Yes, we help you with money back assurance that you can get your product returned in a similar condition as you have received. We will make sure that all your goods are exactly the way you were looking for and have made all the best quality material. You can always let us know about your views on the product via phone or an email to our support executives. The customer will have to be are the complete charges of getting the goods returned to our company address. If the products are defective or incorrect then we will take complete responsibility of at and get it collected as quickly as possible. As per the respective received of the gods, we will get the refund value back to you. We will assess the products after it has been shared by you to us and then help you with your refund needs. Liability: If there is any kind of defect or problems and the quality or condition or even quantity of the respective goods sold by us then, you can always notify us and refuse the delivery right away. But, if you did not notify the company and then refuse the delivery of the respective order then, the company will not take any kind of responsibility of the respective defect or issue in the respective product. You will have to get your goods compensated exactly the way it has been delivered to you. We will thoroughly inspect and assess the products you have returned. If as per your notification there is no defect in the goods then, the customer will have to pay the charges of the returned goods. So, it is very important that you acknowledge the products thoroughly and then let us know about the respective problems. Whatever be the situation, we will not be held responsible to the customer if there is any kind of loss of profits or additional costs or damage arising in the goods supplied. We will only take complete responsibility for the goods returned to us after being notified that it has been defective while on inspection. But, it does not give you any right of a fraudulent act and misrepresenting the product in a negative way. Return Policies The customers complete right to get the products returned are subjected to the quality and reason behind the return of the product. You need to completely let us know about the reason for the return and the time of the return also does matter while getting the products shipped back to our space. We will address the reason behind your return and then if it completely matches the way you have stated, WeCustomBoxes will surely accept your appeal and get the product is collected from your address. But, of the stated reasons are not matching correctly then, you will have to bear the required charges.

No Liability:

Yes, the company will not take any kind of responsibility if there is any kind of failure or delay in the respective delivery of the product. If the goods supplied or delivered are unable to reach your address because of the circumstances which are not in the control of the company then, we are not taking any liability for it. So, you need to look into the issues yourself and get the order is collected after understanding the reason for the delay.


The mentioned terms and condition has to be followed without any kind of invalidity, illegality or enforcement. It is very important for you to understand the state it terms and condition and proceed ahead with the respective packaging needs. We always maintain the standards set here in accordance with the law. You can be assured that all the pictures displayed on the respective website are exactly the way the product is. You will always get the respective packaging boxes the way it has been represented in the picture.

Discounts And Offers:

There can be amazing offers or discounts available in your respective order but, it will completely be viable during the time of order. It is not necessary that you get any kind of promotion or offer while placing your order with us. And we can remove the respective offer any time we would like to and make sure that there is no miscommunication between you and the company. Yes, if there is any kind of offer or discount or even a promotion applied and the respective order it can be withdrawn without any kind of notice by the company.

Bespoke Packaging Services:

Yes, we are always working hard in providing the best of packaging services to our customers but exactly the way it has been stated in our above-mentioned terms and conditions well stop we will always be working hard to help you avail our bespoke packaging services and make the most out of it without any kind of glitches. With us, you will never have to worry about the quality and standard of material in your respective packaging needs. We will always use the best quality material so that it can remain the same in the coming years and give you a product the maximum security all the time. So, these are the terms and condition which needs to be taken care of while making a purchase from our store. We will thoroughly understand your respective needs and requirements and then help you with the required packaging services. You will never be disappointed with the quality of service we are always willing to provide our customers. We have highly qualified and skilled professionals in our team to understand the specific needs. After that, we will go ahead and get it confirmed from your side and then initiate the required packaging services. You can be assured that your wholesale needs will be covered with each and every box designed exactly the way you have specified to us. So, what is making you think so long, do not hesitate and make your purchase now as we will help you with the best of packaging experience as per the given terms and conditions.