While visiting our website CBD Boxes Now, you must accept the privacy policy agreement described on our website. CBD Boxes Now is well known company known for keeping the privacy of its customers. As mentioned in our privacy agreement, we will ensure that the customer's information used for the product selection to payment processing will not be shared with any third-party website. We will only use this info for customer service. We use our website to fulfil customer needs from product selection to order shipping. In case of safety and the protection of the law, we will only reveal your information on the website because we have to save our interests and legal trust with the judiciary. We will only disclose your information on our website when you allow us.

Collection of Information and Use

Our company website collects all the information provided by the user separately and in a secure form. After users ' permission, we collect user names, email addresses, mobile numbers, shipping addresses, and other essential business information. Now the main thing is when you purchase anything from our website. At that time, you need to share some sensitive information like credit card numbers and bank details. Then we can share this kind of information with a third-party website like banking institutions, credit cards, and our shipping company. All this financial information we will only use for the transaction and billing process. The user has access to change their personal information on our website at any time. If you are connected with the CBD Boxes Now company website, you must not worry about your information, and we will not share your personal information with any third-party website. We only use your information for marketing and our company's business purpose. We also use your information to contact our customers when we have any important update regarding any product, or we feel that it can help our company and customers both. If you don't like to receive this kind of information, you can send us an email at our mentioned email address.


We secure all the information of our customers, which is our priority. If we note any unauthorized access on our offline or online website, we take all responsible measures against that. Our website is highly secured, and we use a three-layer security system for all the user information, and our official website is restricted for customers. Before sending any information or receiving any information, our security system checks it on a standard level.

Business Transition

If you are connected with CBD Boxes Now company and doing some transition for business purposes, we use our business transition system for customers. The information we collect only from our website.


We only add cookies on our website for customer and user experience; this is nothing a set of data programmed on a website for a fixed period. CBD Boxes Now add cookies to their website for a better user experience and relate with our website by adding some information. If you don't like cookies, you can remove them by following some website instructions.


We may add some links on our website because we also relate to other websites for traffic. Still, we suggest that you should not share any additional sensitive information with that website. We are not responsible for any issue that happens with your information.

How to contact CBD Boxes Now Company?

We have a team of customer care executives who are available for you at any time, if you have any queries, you can mail us on our support mail id, and you can call us on our customer care numbers.