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As a CBD product supplier, having efficient packaging is perky for your business reinforcement. We help you get a packaging solution that can effectively meet the requirements of modern trends. We are a team of experts who know how to fulfill every minor detail carefully and professionally. We never compromise on efficiency and do not offer you what you do not even need.

Rather, we suggest custom features with which you can get a huge potential audience. We use the top-notch packaging mediums, mainly cardboard and paperboard. These mediums are not only protective but give you an edge to get the most desirable and personalized design. We tend to create a magnificent design along with vibrant printing for your precious product so that you can raise its value.

Highly Protective Packaging

As a business owner, you must prioritize the protection of a product. The reason lies in the fact that no customer will even consider a product that is improperly wrapped or damaged. Also, you must keep products free of dust, stains, and corrosion if you want to extend their shelf life. In light of these considerations, we consider cardboard as the most appropriate packaging medium for your CBD oils.

Cardboard protects products from severe temperatures both before and after delivery when they are placed at shipping ports. We also offer shipping inserts to make the products more protective. These inserts also play a key role in protecting the product on retail shelves. Subsequently, cardboard boxes tend to improve the product's shelf life and make it more durable.

Suitably Affordable

If you are looking for reasonable and effective custom packaging, we can offer you a variety of low-cost options such as hemp oil boxes. Brands rely heavily on packaging mediums such as cardboard and kraft boxes since they are cost-effective. A wide range of CBD products is stored in these boxes. For each sort of CBD oil, we will bestow you with a low-cost packaging option that would not create havoc on your budget.

As an experienced packaging company, we can simply provide you with these boxes manufactured in alluring designs. We pay attention to your needs and provide you with bespoke solutions at a reasonable price. You are also free to choose the appropriate customizations based on your budget. You can also acquire wholesale boxes at a low cost that will fit into your budget.

Wide Range Of Custom Features

At 'CBD boxes now', we offer you a diverse set of customizations for various CBD oil packaging such as:

By incorporating suitable custom options, you can surely get a winning solution. Typically, custom packaging may include the following flexible features.


One of the crucial factors to consider is the size of the packaging. The size of the packaging can be decided by the product's size and the customer's needs. For this purpose, you need professional handling. We manufacture accurate size boxes so that no extra material will be spent on manufacturing. Depending on the size and number of CBD items to be packaged in them, we design small boxes such as 1oz bottle boxes, medium-size boxes, or large-size boxes.


We offer diverse ways that can be used to personalize your packaging. Cardboard is a highly flexible material that allows users to create custom packaging designs. We offer different packaging designs that are trendy and effectively represent items. We have a team of expert designers that can better assist you in determining a viable packaging solution.

At 'CBD boxes now', you can get not just the right size and shape, but also a variety of styles. We offer you various sorts of encasements depending on the product's needs and viability. You can acquire multifold designs for CBD oil packaging to make the product more appealing. We offer you diverse designs such as:

  • A small box having one item
  • Multiple CBD oil boxes
  • Display boxes
  • Tuck end containers
  • Shipment crates made of corrugated cardboard

Printing Techniques

Speaking of printing, you might think that it is an extra cost. While it is true that printing does increase your budget to some level, it is also something that you cannot avoid owing to its aesthetic value. We offer high-tech printing to provide you ease in this regard. We offer different printing processes including digital printing, lithography, flexography, and screen printing. All these methods are different from one another considering their cost and image quality. You can certainly choose the printing approach that is most cost-effective for your CBD packaging.

Graphics And Details

We offer you great packaging that can be used as a marketing tactic. If you have a good packaging solution, you should put your brand name and logo on it to show that you own it. This will help people remember it after they hear your name. With these details, we tend to ensure that your packaging must have attractive graphics and color themes so that it can convince the buyer.

We can also effectively print promotional graphics that will make people aware of your brand by using appropriate printing techniques. We can also print your social media details on the packaging box as well. We ensure to include these details in the appropriate font style and size. You will be able to help customers get a better understanding of your brand this way.


We offer you a variety of add-ons to get customer's attention. You could, for example, carve a transparent window in the box to display your product.

We also offer high-end features such as embossing, debossing, and foil stamping so that your product can get a spotlight on the retail shelf.

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