Vape Cartridge Packaging Recycling - We Can Help The Environment

Vaping has become the most potent buzzword in the tobacco and cannabis markets recently. According to reports, vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Despite this, as the consumption of and use of vape products has increased, vape cartridges have been added to landfills, increasing waste. Nevertheless, there is always a way to repurpose vape cartridges and packaging and recycle them.

Regarding recycling, it is essential to know that vape pens keep growing in popularity, and sales of these devices are expected to be even higher by 2022. This being said, there is a higher consumption of materials, and the fact that recycling requires time. I can't emphasize enough how convenient vape products are and how they've become like Keurig cups in that world.

Vape cartridges and used batteries are only increasing the landfills because of their excessive volume. Why not choose sustainable options? Indeed, this is something we are saying. As consumers and brands, we feel we have the power to change the world. With this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about recycling vape cartridges and packaging!

Is It Possible To Recycle Cannabis Vape Cartridges?

You may be wondering why it is not possible to recycle cannabis vape cartridges after consumption. There is a reason for this, as the vapes and vape cartridges are carefully curated with various materials in minimal amounts. As these products require complex manufacturing, they cannot be recycled by classic or conventional recycling machines.

In the old recycling facilities, it is impossible to extract the resources inside them. The fear was that the minute amounts of oils could be removed from vape cartridges and sold on the black market. It, therefore, goes without saying that managing the used vape cartridges can be a complicated task for this reason. Because we have to recycle vape cartridges whenever we recycle them, we have to use extensive machinery.

It is an obvious fact that there is no shortage of cartridges, but "why can't we collect the custom vape cartridge packaging?" Okay, so the regulations were implemented to reduce the illegal resale activities when countries began transitioning to legal markets. To prevent companies from using trash or recycling bins for cartridges, businesses have been forbidden to allow them.

Supporting The Vape Industry With Sustainable Solutions

There are no recycling drop-offs and no special recycling centers, so no drop-offs or trash bins are allowed for collection and recycling. Consequently, the possibility of recycling vape cartridges and the product packaging is improbable to materialize anytime soon. Even though it might sound bleak, there are lots of ways for you to participate in the sustainability movement actively!

Talk To State Reps

Talking about the impacts the vape and cannabis cartridges might have on the environment is essential for improving sustainability. As a country, the state can legally change the laws regarding sustainability if they are subjected to corresponding pressures.

You can push the state into introducing laws that will govern how cannabis vape cartridges are handled after using the product. If your state already has these laws, you will need to assist your country in implementing and following the directions actively.

Pick A Refillable Vape Cartridge

To take direct action in favor of sustainability, you should choose refillable vape cartridges when it comes to vape cartridges. Because you will be able to refill the chamber whenever it runs out, this will be a great advantage to you. It is essential to explain that using refillable vaporizer cartridges can be a very challenging experience. Yet you will have the satisfaction of supporting a cause that is related to sustainability.

We Support Sustainable Products & Brands

Suppose you are going to buy vape cartridges. In that case, you are better off looking for the companies and brands committed to environmental sustainability. You'll find some brands and businesses that don't sell single unit products but follow sustainable practices, so make your choice. In conclusion, it is always more critical to support the cause rather than blame the environment.