Using CBD Vape Oil Cartridge Boxes, How Can You Grow Your Business In 2022?

Over the past decade, the global cigarette industry has been booming thanks to e-cigarettes and vapes. It seems like every year, and there's more and more vaping culture in America. It's true; Americans can't live without vaping. Americans love the aroma, flavor, and connection with the American dream that comes with vaping. However, the product itself isn't the only thing customers see when choosing a grocery store.

Vape oil, also called e-liquid, is one of the most significant components of vape products. You buy them in separate packaging boxes. These can sometimes be inside a mod kid because they're so sensitive and made of glass. The product protection provided by CBD Vape Oil Cartridge boxes offers the best security for the e-liquids by providing effective branding.

As opposed to Kraft boxes, these are called cartridges. Our cartridge boxes are made of Kraft paper and cardstock. They are unique in the way they are used, as you'll see below.


The Gorgeous Vape Cartridge Packaging

Now let's talk about why vape oils should go inside cartridge boxes. The reason is that they're known for displaying sensitive products. These boxes are solid and won't lose shape or quality while shipping. It's very challenging when you want to ship something over a long distance, such as a firearm, injection liquid, or vape oils inside glass bottles. This means that vape cartridge packaging with an insert adds a layer of protection to these products. That's how they differ from plain Kraft packaging.


Customize It How You Want

These days, companies are trying to customize their product packaging. Research says packaging can also effectively brand a product through TV, social media, and billboards. This is most effectively achieved through customized packaging.

1. Your CBD oil boxes must be printed with your brand's logo, product information, and attractive visuals using 3D Printing.

2. Make sure the box's front is imprinted with excellent visuals, especially those that can relate to young Americans.

3. Colors are significant. Due to the masculine nature of this product, you may wish to incorporate vibrant black and blue shades into the printing process. Apart from that, solid colors are also appealing since such boxes add an extra touch to the wearer's personality.

4. Size is not an issue. The beauty of CBD vape oil packaging is that it can be customized to suit your needs. The days when there was only one standard box, and every business was required to use it are long gone. It's time to adapt and change along with the world.


What Is the Appeal of Window Cartridge Boxes?

In addition to Printing, several benefits can be obtained by designing your product. When it comes to properly market vape oil cartridge boxes, these specific benefits are very relevant. It is possible to have small boxes with hanging hooks suitable for displaying products. On the other hand, window boxes are considered the most significant ones. Such boxes have a clear window through which they can promote their products effectively.

There is a close relationship between branding and window customization when it comes to CBD vape oil boxes. Cardboard with windows is in demand. Customers can see the contents closely and ensure the product meets their expectations. Cartridge boxes that come with windows are excellent advertising tools and ideal for branding and marketing.


It Doesn't Matter What Size It Is

E-liquid, also known as vape oil, comes in many sizes and shapes. Many manufacturers offer vape oil bottles ranging from 100 ml to 500 ml. For these bottles to be protected as best as possible, it is paramount that their packaging is sturdy. For this reason, that 10 ml bottles are also commonly found in stores.

Custom printed vape oil boxes must be used to ensure that bottle sizes are not limited by cartridge packaging. This is when it comes to using vape oil.

Cbdboxesnow manufactures custom-printed 10 ml e-liquid bottles that look as appealing as their 10 ml vape oil bottles because they are small in size.

For example, if you were making an e-liquid 30ml box and wanted to select a custom printed 30ml e-liquid box with a corrugated craft layer to keep them safe, you would have to choose boxes that were average-sized and were published in a custom design.

Be sure to check out our custom-designed 60ml E-liquid packaging, which can be combined with an insert option, allowing you to enclose your bottles perfectly.

Last but not least, 100 ml e-liquid bottles printed with a custom design make for a very protective container. Even if the box doesn't fit your product's size, you can still get a box that fits. Our design services are free, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Environmentally Friendly

Because of the eco-friendly nature of these boxes, you will not have any environmental impact when you throw them away after you have used them. Kraft and cardboard-based don't produce any pollution once they're used. This makes them cheap and less harmful.


Glow With the Suitable Packaging

When you're displaying a product in a store, lamination is essential. Our boxes are gloss and matte laminated to make them look shiny. Laminations make the box feel softer.