Tips On The Design And Labeling Of CBD Packaging

The CBDBoxesNow team has been fortunate to collaborate with several leading CBD brands. CBD will keep growing, and the trends show it's a great time to be in the market. Despite this, there is increasingly fierce competition as the CBD industry matures. As with other categories of CPG, your CBD packaging needs an intensive design process.

According to industry experts, the legal cannabis market is expected to reach $57 billion by 2027. Companies of all kinds are keen to cash in on this trend. As hemp-based CBD products become increasingly common, cannabidiol (CBD) products are also becoming mainstream.

It must be noted, however, that just because a product is legal does not mean that it will not be subjected to ongoing scrutiny. You should tread lightly when marketing your CBD product on its packaging and messaging. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, CBD package design must also comply with legal requirements.

CBD products fit neatly into the niche that is neither quite a medicine nor quite a supplement. There is a really good deal of confusion about what companies need to develop their CBD packaging.

Designing CBD Packaging

The problem lies in confusion. CBD is derived from marijuana (still illegal at the federal level), so the government scrutinizes cannabis-related products. Cannabis-related references need to be more subliminal for CBD products than for non-consumable hemp products. There is a need for companies selling CBD products to be cautious about what they say on their packaging.

The weed business needs to be careful about customers and avoid getting slapped by federal regulators. Countries worldwide are watching how regulators handle the CBD market since marijuana is becoming legal in the west. A fine deal is at stake when it comes to companies that are interested in getting in on the action.

This article will look at the basics of what you should include in your CBD packaging design.

CBD: Food or Supplement?

CBD packaging design depends on whether the FDA considers the product a portion of food or a supplement. The answer may seem clear, but it is not so short in practice. A broad range of CBD products is available, including oils, gels, edibles, drinks, and capsules.

It is no secret that there is some confusion regarding what constitutes a "supplement" in today's society. There are many different types of food, so CBD-infused oil can also be classified as a food product. It is not necessary. The FDA hasn't said anything about how CBD products should label to comply with federal regulations.

Companies need to play it safe and ensure that they are extra compliant. Depending on what CBD product you're packaging, you'll need either a supplement label or a food label.

CBD Packaging For The Retailer

The industry started in smoke shops and CBD stores and is now available in almost every large and boutique retailer. Having moved beyond regulatory compliance, your CBD product must be designed for the retailer (s) selling to your target market.

CBD products sold at CBD stores are sold to a different audience than those sold at CVS for a reduced price. As CBD becomes more mainstream, there is an increasing demand for CBD companies to maintain the highest standards.

We shouldn't be surprised that grocers and specialty stores are looking for retail packaging purchase drivers like sustainable packaging.

CBD Product Packaging Options

It is not so easy to design packaging for CBD oil now as it was in the beginning. The packaging of your product and CBD labels give you a wide variety of options regarding packaging and labels. The following are four different oral CBD product categories that affect your packaging.

CBD Tincture Packaging Boxes

Cannabidiol oils are the most popular form of cannabidiol on the market. Even though there is plenty of space for this type of CBD label, there is not much room left for marketing. CBD tincture oil boxes must be custom printed for regulatory reasons and to motivate sales.

Many CBD brands choose window boxes for their CBD oil packaging, a nod to essential oil packaging ideas. It might be more effective to have extra space for messaging on the front of the box. To determine which CBD boxes are more likely to get bought, CBDBoxesNow tests clear display boxes vs. closed tincture boxes.

CBD Gummies Packaging Boxes

The CBD gummies market is taking off in the supplement world, and many brands find it more enjoyable to consume CBD gummies than tinctures. As far as marketability is concerned, we may sell CBD gummies without custom-printed cbd gummies packaging.

However, never assume that secondary packaging will not be able to improve the performance of the product. Your product's packaging design can be enhanced, and it will be easier to read if it's in a straight-edged box.

CBD Capsules Packaging Boxes

Last but not least, CBD capsules are available on the market. It is our priority to build this form of consumable CBD in such a way as to make it convenient for you. Although there is the possibility of hiding nasty-tasting compounds in capsules, most people buy capsules to get rid of them. CBD capsules should convey that the product works without causing hassles, unlike other CBD products with unique packaging.

It has been noticed that some brands have attempted to use custom CBD boxes, such as the pillow box. While this may appear a unique concept, don't be fooled by it. It will increase sales. You may have to hide your product somewhere in the store, which can be a nightmare for the retailer. Especially if they're small bottles, a packaging box may come in handy for CBD capsules. CBD packaging boxes are great for branding and letting consumers know why they should choose your product.

CBD Packaging Company

Is it necessary to you that your CBD design performs? Our proprietary testing compares CBD packages and bottles to real-life competitors to determine the best product packaging design. In this way, purchase intent and brand recall are increased with CBD packaging design.

All aspects of CBD design are handled by us from the beginning to the end, including logo design, printing, and packaging. We work closely with you to make sure a smooth process. Schedule a time to discuss your project.