Tips For Packaging and Labeling Of CBD Products

CBD Boxes Now has worked with some of the most prominent CBD brands out there. The CBD market is booming, and trends show it is a great investment time. Despite the maturity of the CBD industry, there is always competition. Like other established CPG categories, CBD packaging requires intensive packaging design. According to industry experts, there are estimates that by 2027 the legal marijuana market will reach a value of $57 billion. There is so much money to be made, and many businesses hope to get a piece of this action.

Currently, hemp-based CBD products are becoming legal in every state, and hemp-derived CBD products are becoming the norm in the CBD market. The truth is, just because it is legal doesn't mean that the marketplace does not constantly scrutinize the products we sell. Consider the marketing and packaging of your CBD products and the messaging used on them when it comes to marketing. In the CBD industry, package design is not only a matter of aesthetics; it is also a matter of legal compliance. CBD products are well suited for the niche described as "not quite a medicine, not quite a supplement." There is plenty of confusion about what companies should consider when designing CBD packages for their customers.

Designing CBD Packaging

Confusion is the main problem in this situation. CBD is derived from marijuana (still illegal at the federal level), so the government scrutinizes companies selling even remotely related products. Non-consumable hemp products might get away with a marijuana leaf on their label. Still, CBD products need to stick with subliminal references. CBD product manufacturers must be cautious regarding the language they use on their packaging.

The weed industry needs careful consideration for its customers and to avoid being slapped by federal regulators. Countries worldwide watch how regulators handle the CBD market as legal marijuana takes hold in the west. A lot is at stake for companies interested in getting in on the action and trying to get their share of the action.

CBD Supplements Or Food?

When designing CBD Custom Packaging, you must consider whether the FDA believes your CBD is a food or supplement. This may sound like a easy question, but when it comes down to it, it's not as straightforward as it first appears. Products with CBD come in all shapes and sizes: oils, gels, edibles, drinks, capsules, etc. As with anything, there is a degree of confusion about what constitutes a "supplement." Since oil is a food, wouldn't CBD-infused oil be considered a food item?

No, not necessarily. The FDA doesn't say how their labels should be structured to ensure CBD products comply with federal regulations. Consequently, companies should take extra precautions and comply with all regulations. Your CBD product packaging will need either an FDA-approved supplement or a food label, depending on the product.

Retail Packaging For CBD

As a result of industry growth that began in smoke shops and CBD stores, it is now available in virtually every large and boutique retailer. Once you pass regulatory compliance, your CBD product must be built for the retailer selling to your target market. The CBD products sold in CBD stores are geared towards a different audience than the CVS discount CBD products.

Due to CBD's recent mainstream success, there is an increasing demand for CBD companies to adhere to industry standards. We shouldn't be surprised that grocers and specialty stores are looking for retail packaging purchase drivers like sustainable packaging.

CBD Product Packaging Options

The packaging design of CBD oil has changed a lot since it first came on the market. As far as your CBD Packaging labels and the packaging of your CBD products are concerned, you have a wide range of options. As we will see below, we will look at four different oral CBD product categories that will impact your packaging strategy.

The oils that contain cannabidiol are the most widely used form of cannabidiol on the market. This type of CBD label has a problem in that there is not much space available on the label for marketing purposes. Custom printed CBD oil boxes are needed for the products containing tincture oil to meet regulatory requirements and drive sales.

Following the example of essential oil packaging ideas, many CBD brands choose window boxes for their CBD oil packaging. Although, it may prove to be more effective to provide additional space for messaging on the front of the box. CBD Boxes Now compares clear display boxes with closed tincture boxes to determine which custom-printed CBD boxes generate greater purchase intent.

Adapting A Package To Changing Regulations

We're in an exciting time for the cannabis industry, and there's no telling what the future will hold. The CBD industry sets standards scrutinized across the board, and today's best practices could become tomorrow's rules. If you plan to sell CBD products, make sure you do plenty of research on your packaging requirements. You should follow the FDA's guidelines for labeling food and supplements if in doubt. Additionally, it establishes your CBD brand as a professional enough company to legally sell cannabis-derived products.

Packaging Design For CBD

Is it necessary to you that your CBD design performs well? We test CBD packages and bottles in a simulated buying environment against your real-life competitors to determine the best product packaging. It has resulted in a new packaging design that increases the purchase intent of CBD products and increases brand recognition.

Whether designing your CBD logo or printing the CBD bottles, we are here to help you from start to finish with CBD design. Providing a smooth process for everyone involved, our team of CBD packaging specialists works closely with your team and CBD packaging companies.