The Practice of Discreet Packaging for Your Vape Delights

If you were to make a list of best-performing industries in the last decade or so, you would have to put the name of the vape industry in that list. The majority of people think that vaping is something that was made a couple of decades ago, but history tells that the prototype of vape or e-cigarettes dates back to the 19th century. However, it got famous in the early 2010s when this product made its way into the mainstream media.

The biggest reason why vapes made it this big even after having so much competition is because of the way vapes have been marketed over the last decade or so. Since its introduction, the vape industry has claimed that vapes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes, and this marketing strategy has surely paid off. Now, whether this claim is true or not is another matter, but this allowed the vape industry to destroy and dominate its competition.

Another thing that made vapes this famous is that the e-liquids used for vapes can be nicotine-free, so this means you can enjoy vaping without any health hazards. Vapes are pretty famous within the community of early adults and teens, but that doesn’t mean old or middle-aged people don’t use them because vapes are for everyone. However, the majority of people still don’t accept vapes because it is still a form of tobacco and can have side effects.

Someone from your house, your friends, or your relatives won’t appreciate this product, and this is where vape brands lacked at the start. However, as this industry grew and more and more people started buying this product, brands came up with the idea of discreet packaging that allowed customers to buy vapes without getting any lectures from their close ones.

In this blog, we will tell you all about discreet packaging, how you can achieve it, what are the benefits of discreet packaging, and why this packaging is important for all vape brands.

Why Discreet Packaging Matters

Discreet packaging might be a new invention for some brands, but it has been present for quite a few years now and is working great for brands all around the globe. Before we tell you the benefits of discreet packaging and how you can make disposable vape discreet packaging, you need to know why this packaging holds such importance for all vape brands. Given below are some of those reasons.

  • Privacy

Even though vapes are legal in the majority of countries, many people still get judged because of vapes, and it surely doesn’t feel good to the consumer. The primary reason for discreet packaging is that not everyone wants their vaping habits to be the topic of discussion when sitting in a group of people.

Discreet packaging helps keep your personal choices personal.

  • Safety 

There are places where your vape can be mistaken for some other substances like drugs or pharmaceuticals, and can get you into serious legal issues. Discreet packaging can help avoid those misunderstandings by telling exactly what is inside the packaging. Not only for vapes, discreet packaging for cartridge is also becoming a big thing now.

  • Helps Avoid Unwanted Attention

Flashy packaging became a huge trend in the vaping industry, but customers would get unwanted attention because of this flashy vape packaging. With the introduction of discreet packaging, customers were able to enjoy their vaping experience without drawing attention to themselves.

Benefits of Discreet Packaging

Now that you know why disposable vape packaging discreet is crucial for your brand, let me tell you some of the benefits you get when you opt for discreet packaging.

  • Enhanced Privacy

As mentioned earlier, discreet packaging allows you to keep your private habits to yourself. One of the biggest benefits you can get from discreet packaging is that you won’t be judged by others, and you can calmly enjoy your vaping experience.

  • Convenience

Another benefit you can get from discreet packaging is convenience. Discreetly packaged vapes are easy to carry around and are ideal for on-the-go use. They can easily be fitted inside your bag without getting any unwanted attention.

  • Flexibility

Discreet packaging isn’t of only one kind these days because it comes in various forms, like plain, minimal, or inconspicuous. You can choose between these options depending on the level of discreetness you want for your vape.

Achieve Discreet Packaging

By now, you must be wondering, when will we tell you about achieving discreet packaging? Well, we are almost there. Now that you know why vape packaging is important especially discreet packaging, and what are the benefits you get? We are going to tell you how you can achieve such packaging.

  • Plain Packaging

The most well-known type of discreet packaging is plain packaging because there is nothing on this packaging. There is hardly anything mentioned on this packaging that would give away the contents inside the packaging.

  • Customizable Packaging

Vape brands know that many people struggle to buy vape products just because potential customers don’t want anyone to know that they are into vaping. This is why many vape brands offer customizable packaging options to their customers. You can request this packaging, or you can also design your own packaging that doesn’t explicitly mention vaping.

  • Smell-Proof Packaging

In the world of discreet packaging for vapes, you have also got the option of smell-proof packaging. It’s not always the vape body that gives it away, but the smell of the vape, especially pre-filled vapes, because the smell of these liquids is way too strong. Smell-proof packaging ensures that your privacy isn’t compromised.

  • Travel Cases

Traveling with vapes isn’t always a cool thing because people have pretty strict views on this product. For those of you who love to vape and travel a lot, investing in a quality travel case for your vape can be a pretty smart decision. These cases look like ordinary toiletry bags or electronic cases and can easily hold your vape devices and accessories.

If you are looking to get discreet vape packaging for your brand, custom printed CBD box, or any other form of packaging, then contact us because we have got you covered.