THC Vape Pen Storage: How Should You Do It?

When we talk about cannabis plants, we think about two prominent substances obtained from this plant and its seeds. The first one we think about is CBD, which has become a huge industry and is growing at an exponential rate because of all the health benefits it provides. The other prominent substance we think of is THC. Unlike CBD, THC hasn’t been legalized because it is a psychoactive substance that gives you that high sensation and can get you in serious legal and health trouble if not taken carefully.

Even though THC isn’t legal, people still find ways to consume this substance to relieve stress and stay disconnected from this world for a short period of time. One of the most well-known ways of discreetly consuming this substance is with the help of vape pens. We all know how vapes have done in the market over the last decade or so, and THC vape pens have played the part of fuel in the fire.

The vape industry has boomed more since the introduction of THC vape pens. There are surely some rules and regulations set by the vape brands and the government to ensure that consumers don’t get in serious trouble. As the demand for THC vape pens increases, more and more people are becoming curious to know more about this product, and if you are one of those, then you landed at the right spot. In this blog, you’ll get a complete guide for vape pen and how you should store them.

Understanding THC Vape Pens

Before we tell you what you should and what you shouldn’t do when storing THC vape pens, you need to understand more about THC vape pens. These devices use battery-powered heating elements to vaporize THC-infused oils, and the vapors inhale it. The thing that makes this a great alternative for cannabis enthusiasts is the lack of odor and ease of use.

Factors Affecting THC Stability

Now that you know more about THC vape pens, you need to understand what can go wrong if the THC in vape pens is spoiled. Consuming low-quality THC is one of the worst decisions you’ll ever make in your life, and you need to be aware of the things we are about to tell you.

  • Temperature

Temperature plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of THC inside the vape pen. Most of the time, when customers complain about THC not being effective for them, it is because they don’t store the vape pen at the right temperature. Extreme heat can enable THC to lose its potency, and extreme cold can make it difficult to use. When you look at the vape pen box packaging, you’ll be given exact information regarding the temperature you need to store the pen in.

  • Light

The next thing that can harm the quality of THC is light. Exposure to direct sunlight and prolonged UV radiations will help THC lose its potency, and you won’t get the same results that the brand promises. Most of the time, you will see that the color of disposable THC vape packaging is dark.

  • Air

The next thing that you need to protect your THC from is air. Oxygen can oxidize the THC oil, leading to a change in flavor and potency. Ensure that your THC-infused products are properly sealed after you use them.

  • Moisture

Moisture is the next thing that you don’t want anywhere near your THC products. Humidity will allow the mold to grow in your THC vape pen, and consuming a molded vape can be bad for your health.

Do’s When It Comes to Storing Your THC Vape Pens

Now that you know all about THC and what can go wrong with it, you need to know what you should be doing while storing your THC vape pens. People often drag the disposable vs. regular vapes debate into this matter, but let me tell you that the basics will remain the same, and you should store disposable vapes the same way you would store a regular THC vape pen.

  • Store in a Cool and Dark Place

To ensure that you get the same flavor and same potency every time you use your THC vape pen, you need to ensure that you store it in a dark and cool place like a drawer or a cupboard. Avoid storing it in a cupboard or drawer near your oven because the heat can damage the product.

  • Seal It Properly

Most of the time, when customers complain about the product not being like the brand promised, it is because they don’t close it properly. If you don’t seal the vape pen properly, the THC in the vape pen will surely lose its kick. Ensure that the vape pen is properly sealed after each time you use it.

  • Keep It Upright

One of the most common things that consumers do with their THC vape pens that ruin the product is that they don’t store it in the right position. You can’t just throw your vape pen into the drawer or cupboard after you are done using it because it can cause leakage. Ensure that you put the vape pen in an upright position to prevent leakage and ensure consistent oil distribution.

  • Use a Storage Case

Vapes have been present in the market for a good couple of decades now, and by now, you must have sorted out that vapes are pretty sensitive and need all the acre in the world. Just like your phone, your THC vape pen also needs an extra layer of protection, and you can get it in the form of a vape pen storage case. These cases are designed to safeguard your product from all external elements.

  • Check Expiry Dates

Vapes themselves don’t have any expiry date, and it all depends on the care you give them, but the substance that comes in pre-filled vapes does carry an expiry date, and you need to be mindful of that expiry date. Substances like THC are pretty dangerous, and you need to check the expiry date of your THC vape pen every time you use it.

These are all the things you need to check when storing your THC vape pens. However, different vapes can have different storage requirements, and you can see them on the vape packaging disposable.