4 Common Mistakes For CBD Labels You Should be Aware For

As reported by Forbes, the CBD market could reach $20 billion by 2024, which is great news for cannabis companies. However, increased competition is a consequence of the rise of the CBD market. With the growth of the CBD market, more and more products will be available. Due to this growth, you should strive to make your CBD products stand out from your competitors.

The best way to make your products stand out is by utilizing a quality CBD Labels. Choosing the proper packaging can make your product a huge success or just another item on the shelf. However, there is a chance to make a few notable mistakes while doing the labeling process. Below you will find four errors you must avoid when creating CBD labels.

CBD Labels Sometimes Omit Legally Required Info

Labeling CBD products is challenging because the federal government is not entirely sure of its guidelines. Nevertheless, it is advisable to list the following details to provide your audience with adequate information.

  • Servings of CBD that contain active ingredients
  • All ingredients are listed on the supplement fact panel
  • Net weight and similar information
  • Name of the manufacturer or distributor
  • CBD full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate
  • Batch or date codes
  • The recommended use of the product

There may be additional requirements for your labeling as well. Depending on how CBD products are classified, you may require additional information. A food product, for example, must follow the regulations found in FDA Food Labeling Guide. Nevertheless, a healthy and beautiful product must comply with the FDA's rules regarding cosmetic labeling. Suppose you know how your product is classified. In that case, you can apply those labeling guidelines to your product along with a general CBD compliance statement.

Custom CBD Labels Include Font Problems

If you have a problem with the type on your CBD labels, it can be hard to convey the message of your product. If you have any textual or font issues with the label, it can be very problematic. The wrong font for CBD labels can not only cause the label to look messy but also put you in some compliance trouble. The FDA or another administration may require specific label font sizes or styles. These rules are in place so that specific details can be readily read.

Therefore it is best to adhere to them. However, they may not be as simple as sticking to a font size set-in stone. Information panels must use large, prominent print or type to be easily readable. Does that sound simple? You've not heard the last of it. Finding the exact rules for your specific product will take a bit of digging. Still, the alternative is having a federal agency confiscate your products and please you. In some cases, the type chosen does not necessarily constitute a legal issue but may pose a design problem.

This is particularly relevant to CBD products sold in small containers with limited space for labeling. The challenge is finding a typography compromise that showcases your brand without appearing cluttered or dull. Below is an example of a brand label of Limitless CBD that exemplifies this concept well. With little space to work with, Limitless' design creates a clear identity with legible text and meets regulations.

Health Claims On Other CBD Labels

It may be that CBD has many health benefits, but there is not enough evidence to convince the FDA of that. Health claims for any product are difficult to make, given the documentation required legally. In most cases, it's almost impossible to honestly make such claims for CBD products. Currently, the FDA cites "many unanswered questions" about CBD. This means it is not recognized as a substance that can prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure serious diseases. It should be noted that the only exception to this rule is one CBD product approved with a prescription to treat rare forms of epilepsy.

The FDA will crack down on Pre Roll Packaging Labels that make health claims about cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, or other conditions. So if you wish to avoid potential legal intervention, it is best to avoid stating these claims on your packaging. Health claims, however, pose potential dangers, which do not prevent you from emphasizing other beneficial elements. You can undoubtedly state that your product is organic, GMO-free, or whatever you like so long as it meets legal guidelines for such terms, as on the label for Ritual's Nighttime Tincture pictured below.

Too Much Emphasis Is Placed On CBD

It has been mentioned earlier that the CBD market is experiencing a boom. This has led to scores of new consumers trying to find the best CBD products that will work for them. If you meet the needs of these consumers, you will have more prospects for your business. There is, however, the need to be careful that your consumers don't see you as just another CBD product on the market. While a prominent "CBD" on the front of your product may catch the interest of the random customer, there is something to be said for subtlety.

What is to stop a consumer from seeing you as interchangeable if a more extensive, shinier CBD product emerges? A CBD label should focus on your brand and develop a relationship with your intended audience. Thus, you become a name to them, and it is easier to generate brand loyalty if they remember you as "ABC CBD" rather than "that green bottle that says CBD.". CBD Social provides an excellent example of how to establish a brand that goes beyond the usage of CBD. Below, the label illustrates why the product's message is essential - extreme relief is attractive to those struggling with pain - and uses CBD to enhance that message.

Put Professional CBD Labels On Your Products

The best labels have a considerable advantage when CBD products stand out in a fight for supremacy. You can boost your product by investing in professionally made, custom product labels. Our team at CBD Boxes Now has the expertise and technology necessary for creating stunning CBD labels for your products. The materials and printing capabilities required to meet performance and budgetary requirements are determined in consultation with you.

We can even refer you to our designer directory to locate a designer who can balance your label design's creative and legal aspects. If you're selling CBD products in a booming market, you want your CBD products to look the best possible. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you print CBD labels for your products.